Rear axle seal follies

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Oct 17, 2010
Last year right rear passenger inner seal developed a leak which took out the rear bearing. I had the entire bearing and seal replaced at the dealer. Also replaced the left rear inner seal at the same time. I figured that PM might save the cost of a left rear axle bearing replacement. All work was done at a very reputable Toyota dealership.

50 weeks later both inner and the right outer seals developed leaks. The one year warrantee was still valid so I returned to the dealer for repair. Multiple inner seal replacements failed to fix the problem on the right seal. Axles and housing were checked and were true with no other abnormalities apparent. After the third inner seal failure I suggested using some sort of sealant or adhesive to secure the seal in place. One of the senior mechanics at the dealership(who was on vacation and unavailable evaluate the LC until yesterday) said adding a gasket sealer is not uncommon for stubborn axles. Time will tell if this fix will hold.
did they ever replace the4 axle seal retainer? the retainer is pressed onto the alxe and that is where the lip of the seal rides, so if the retianer has even a slight groove from where the seals have ridden it can leak again. me personaly i always replace the retainer.
The outboard seals are the weak link, and have very poor retention. The inboard seals are a good design so surprised that is the issue. Would think what ^ bigredmachine suggests is more likely for an inner seal issue. Did they replace the bearing? If dirt got in when outer seal failed, metal particles from the bearing is going to shred the seals.

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