Rear axle housing inner diameter?

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May 6, 2005
Can anyone tell me the rear inner axle tube/housing diameter? I want to run a hone through it to clean away all of the rust. I’d measure it myself except I don’t have the ability at the moment. Thanks fellow mudders!
On my 74 semi-float, the od of the axle bearing is 2.7812. Never measured the tube id itself but I would think you could take the OD and guessimate the wall thickness at about 3/16" to 1/4".
Here's how I cleaned mine up a while back.
With the axles and diff removed, I spayed the inside of the housing down with a pump up garden sprayer loaded with mineral spirits. I took a round toilet brush with the handle jammed into a piece of pvc pipe and used it to swab it back and forth with the spirits to remove all the gear oil. Then I hit it with a pressure washer. Then degreaser and the swab brush again. Hosed it clean and blow dryed. Then I took a 3" wire boiler tube brush on a piece of 1/4 pipe chucked up in a 1/2 drill and ran that back and forth till the rust (at the top of the tube) was gone. Then a swab & rinse with spirits again and a good air blow out. Then I swabbed in some gear oil with the toilet brush and covered it all up so it wouldn't rust up while I was waiting on axles.

"3 Inch Wire Boiler Brush"
Thanks for the replies.
I agree the honing may not be the ideal solution. I’m looking at a wire brush on a drill to help remove the rust scale then treat with some sort of rust stop.
If you have rust scale inside your housing I would just throw it out and get a new one if it is a Semi Floater they are almost free and "Rust Scale" inside it means she has sat without use and probably open for a long time. Usually the gear oil in there stops any rust issues . Unless of course you are just talking about some surface rust and not scaling

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