really annoying noise is driving me crazy

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Mar 8, 2005
Memphis, TN
I dont know how to describe it really but theres this electrial whining noise that i keep hearing and its driving me crazy. Its slightly audible when accelerating but when im slowing down to stop at a stop light, sign etc i dont want to say it gets louder but you can definitely hear it distinctly. the pitch of the electrical sounding whine/groan gets lower and lower and "winds down" as the rpms go down until i stop, then it goes away. oh, it kind of sounds like its coming from the front of engine somewhere..maybe on the passanger side. Anyone have an idea of what this might be?
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Sounds like a bad ground in your stereo.
Does it go away on warmer days, or after the engine warms up? Mine makes a similar noise, in mine it is the power steering pump.

Maybe not, if its still there when you shut off the truck.

Hell, I dont know, just ignore me.

at first i thought it might be the power steering pump too cause my 80 used to make a similar noise when it was a little low on ps fluid, but the longer ive listened to it the more i think it is something different. the power steering fluid is full and there are no leaks and it doesnt groan at all no matter how hard i yank on the steering wheel. Also instead of being worse with the car cold, the noise seems to get louder the longer i drive it. however, the fluid in the ps resoivor has a gold color instead of the ATF red; it is either the stuff toyota put in it at the factory or less likely acutal ps fluid that a p.o. refilled it with.
Bryan062087 said:
when i turn the car off and coast to a stop, the sound is still there
If this is the case then it's NOT an engine driven accessory. Start looking in the front axle for bad bearings or in the trans/t-case for low oil. Might not sound like where it's coming from but that's what your diagnostics are saying.

It has to be in the drive train somewhere based on the engine off test. Wheel bearings could be a good place to start. Are your front hubs locked, does the sounds change based on if they are locked or not?

With the front wheels off the ground and the hubs unlocked does one wheel rotate more freely than the other? Any obvious roughness in the rotation?

That is what I would be looking for to further trouble shoot this.
its the hubs, when i locked them the noise goes away completely. i guess its time to repack the hubs?
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