Real Time Help! Rad is spewing green 1pz

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Dec 12, 2008
My rad is spewing green, and it looks like it is coming from the passenger side and pooling on the bottom tank, before overflowing onto the ground. It is a constant drip, about one a second. I have probably blown a seam. I need to replace the rad, and was wondering what my options were. I have no part # and was wondering if I could use a rad from another engine (3b, 13bt, 1hz etc.)? Where can I get one? Truck is at the Firehall and it needs to be fixed asap to avoid ****ing off Officers. I am in Calgary.
Hey outfitter Taco,

I'm also in Calgary ;) I'd call Radd Cruisers in BC. They've got a lot of used parts there and are great about getting your stuff out on time. Also, 4-wheel Auto in Edmonton is an option. They both have websites if you google them.
Cheers! Thank you. I'll call John @ Radd on Monday. Don't want to put any stop leak in, dont know where it will end up. Problem is that 1pz is a fairly rare eng. so it might take awhile to find rad. I guess I'll know more on Monday.
Just take out the rad drive down to the rad shop and they will re-core it for less than you can buy one for and it will be virtually brand new...and it will be done in two days! I dont think the PZ rad is available from Toyota in North America unless you go thru Ens in Sask.

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