re installing body trim / molding ques.

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Jun 8, 2008
The piece on the driver side, above the rear wheel came off, rather abruptly.

The 4 clips, front two white, back two red are intact but i do not know how to get it back on...any suggestions? The molding mounts also appear to be in good condition, just need to "snap" the piece back on, but seems easier said than done. Thanks.
Clips need to come out of the body first. They slide sideways into the molding. I'd be surprised if the thin little pieces on the inside of the molding didn't break.
remarkably the inside of the molding, those super thin clips, are actually alright.

How do i get the clips out of the body? That's what i ended up thinking may need to happen but i couldn't get my hand up behind them and removing the jack/jack bracket didn't fair much better. I didn't want to muscle them and break the clips or worse tweak the sheet metal.
yeah you are most likely correct. I'll holler at murf. After screwing with it a bit more i jacked a clip and the molding mounts, being old and brittle and me of heavy hand may now need epoxy to ghetto it or a new molding all together...

thx man.
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No worries. The car wash ate my wife's molding, and after looking at it, it'd come off when the PO owned it too, so I just bought a new one from Camelback last month. :cheers:

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