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What werks well on 60's including E-brakes? Contacts for supplies besides the usuals like SOR/ MAF?
OK so rear disc brake other than that what the world are you asking?

Wife fusses at me for posting stuff all the time that if i read it it makes no sense :)
You are suppose to be able to read my mind! Your wife is right! It made sense at the time! :eek:

Ok, let's try it again. I want to put RDB's on my rig don't know which product to use, Specter, MAF, TLC, etc...Hoping someone has opinions on what works and what does not. How's that?;p
Get your brackets, brake line and rotors from Downey and buy the eldo calipers loaded froma local autoparts place and find an old ebrake cable at the junk yard...That is how I did it...
Can anyone tell me which calipers it is that have the e-brake on them for the rears that match the type of e-brake on the FJ60?

Don't the Eldorado calipers have the GM ratcheting e-brake on them?

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