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Feb 14, 2007
Hello, fellow cruiser heads! I'm Andy Roth in Bakersfield, Ca. I got my first cruiser in '95 and I've been into ever since. Currently I am building a '65 fj45 shortbed. I started organizing a LC Rally 5 yearts ago in town. We had 17 cruisers show up that first year. Last year there were 40 cruise5rs. I hope for a huge turn out this year, April 28 here in town
hey andy.
glad you finally decided to post up. maybe you should move this post to the "events" forum?!

i might just see you there again this year.:)
Orangefj45 is correct this needs move to the evens section.

A little more detail would be helpful. Bakersfield is kinda big.

Address and or directions from south hwy 99, north hwy 99 and hwy 58.

LC Ralley. Is this a truck show or is it a swap meet, or both?

What are the hours of the event?

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