quick junkyard question

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Jul 8, 2005
New Kent, VA
Im off to the junkyard to procure myself some 4runner calipers, ive already ordered myself a T-100 master cylinder and new brake lines so im about ready for my spring break brake upgrade.

My question, is i can take the calipers off without taking off the rotors right? Or should i bring my hub socket anyways? I may anyways in case i find a donor for some extra birfs. Oh, and i dont need any special tools for the brake lines do i?

Thanks fellas.
Most calipers bolt to a backing plate and the rotor is not an issue. More tools mean less headaches
Thanks, i was almost sure but i really didnt want to drive out there and need a random socket or something, im taking the whole wrench rollup, so i think im good.
I think I only paid about 86 dollars for new loaded calipers. I did get teh MC from the junkyard though....

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