questions for a 2005 taco

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KiSS of Death
Aug 24, 2005
my sister got in a wreck and gave me this... what should i do ? any one got a bed side.....
Welcome to this area Matt. I was a little confused after reading the title and clicking on your post, as you have an '01-04 tacoma there. :D

As far as what should you do? So many options. You could forget the bed and go with a flatbed, a fancy adventure trailer bed, or find some fiberglass fenders for all four corners. Depends on what YOU want to do with it. But if you want a replacement bed, one pops up every once in a while on ttora. However, if you plan to build this one, I would recommend boxing the rear frame before you put the new one on. It's so much easier to do without the bed in the way. BTW, any frame damage?

So what are your plans? And does this one have the 2.7 & 5spd?
If I were you I'd rip that thing off and find a nice flatbed to put on it...but that's just me. :grinpimp:

Any damage to the rear axle or frame damage? Looks like it took a pretty good hit!
:idea: You could give it to me!!! :D
hey erin and lance how are you guys i believe we met at the nasty flat right? well my sister gave this to me and now i'm 400.00 into the frame man. i'm told that the right rear wheel has a wobble to it and looking to fix but haven't a clue yet where to start.
hey erin and lance how are you guys i believe we met at the nasty flat right? well my sister gave this to me and now i'm 400.00 into the frame man. i'm told that the right rear wheel has a wobble to it and looking to fix but haven't a clue yet where to start.

Were you at Flat Nasty also? In the 60? So is the wobble in the wheel (probably not as it looks like it was replaced)? Maybe the leaves have shifted (more likely), and the solution may be new leaves, or realign the rear. What does the rear shackle look like, and the front hanger for that leaf pack?

The other problems (which I would replace irregardless) are the rear wheel/axle bearings (semi floating rear) and both inner and outer axle seals. This would also give you an opportunity to check the right rear axle shaft and make sure it's not tweeked.
Yep, we were down a Flat Nasty. That was a great event! I suppose you didn't like my suggestion as to what to do with the truck...I figured it wouldn't be that easy! :lol: If I were you, I would do a flat bed. Just my opinion. I like how it looks. As for the wobble, I would not have a clue what that is. I'll have Lance take a look at the thread and see if he has any other ideas that haven't been posted up already.

It's a lovely truck, btw. Lucky guy! Can't wait to see what you do with it. :cheers:
Lance says he thinks that the wobble could be because the axle flange is bent. Just a guess off the top of his head. Also, if you have any interest in selling it, let us know. Or if you want any parts, he's selling his '98 back to Toyota cause the frame's got a big hole in it. He's got fender flares and a locker that have just been sitting in the garage. Not going to put them on now....

Edit: He also has deavers and Tundra springs that he used to lift the frong 1"
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He says he would need a picture of your springs to make sure they're usable. Feel free to shoot him a real cheap offer (real cheap--he said it twice). Also, It'd have to be done ASAP, we'd have to meet somewhere in the middle. Most likely the truck is going back to Toyota next week.

The flares are Xenon flares. They might be a little wider than factory.

He says the springs would give you about 2 inches of lift. We could switch the whole assembly. Assuming your springs are okay to switch with. Let us know if you're interested.
Wow, pictures tell the story. So did they straighten the rear frame where it was tweeked? Can still see the buckle in the last pic. If they did straighten it, this would be the time to box as much of the area as possible because it's weakened, maybe add in a rear most crossmember. Looks like there's a little exhaust work also :D
well i cut the exhaust off just before the major bend and it sounds and smells just fine. i have to take it back when the newer springs and right size wheels are on for a tweaking. so says the frame man. the frame shop was recommended by a friend that only took $ and he dose all the work for this buddy of mine that only works on 30-50s rods that get shipped here.
thinking about going the old man emu route for the front using there springs and shocks any thing better out there for the price? i need all the help i can get.... thanks to lance i've got a set of deavers in the rear with a set of downey shackles and bilstein shocks... still waiting on a bushing from toyota for the shackles tho...
So why didn't you go for the raked look?


For the front, get some Danahoe Coilovers, if you have the cash. Or depending on the lift you want for the front, I'd go with OME 881's to 883's. I'm going for about a 2" lift, so I'll probably get the 881's or maybe 882's if I get a front bumper by then.
well the rake look is over i installed some ome 880 with some bilsteins up front and got some tundra wheels with 285 75 16s BFG ATs. next question is should i run wheel spacers up front to get it away from the A arm ?

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