Question on 40 and networking switches

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Oct 12, 2005
Hi all, Sorry been out of touch. So I finally re-assembled to fj40 1974 fuel system. I had question on fuel at carb. The lower tube is the intake and the overflow/return is the top tube at the carb?

Also, prior to starting up, I though about pulling the two bolts that give access to jets on carb to make sure the bowl is empty. I am wondering if I might have some crap in the carb that could have caused my issues. I am not good with carbs so any suggestions would be helpful.

On a different topic, i picked up some networking POE switches and have too many. Anyone interested in some? I planned to use them to set up a IP POE security camera system at home. They are cisco switches, really nice. $75?

Sorry for missing last two meetings. Been swamped at home.
What's the part number on the switches?

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