Question about factory brake wiring on 2004.

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Jan 12, 2004
Central Virginia
Does the factory trailer plug charge the trailer batter when driving, or do I need to run a separate wire to the battery?

My trailer tested fine, but the brake controller shows the trailer is notconnected when it is. Also, it sometimes indicates brake overload. Also, when stopes with the car off and Connie Ted to the trailer, the rear wiper runs. Something is up. Any ideas?
Well, you have other problems with the wiring, but, yes, the factory 7 pin trailer connector supplies power to charge the trailer battery when driving if the trailer battery is connected to the trailer wiring (not all trailers are set up that way). Here's a good site that shows al the wires.

Trailer Wiring Diagrams |

That site may also help you troubleshoot the obviously screwed up wiring in your '04. If the trailer tested fine (with another vehicle?) it may be the factory converter in the LC is fried, given all the ghosts your chasing. It sits deep in the DS rear fender under and to the rear of where the jack tools are stored.
Thanks, will look into that. And, yes. Tested with other vehicle.

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