question about changing struts

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Sep 5, 2007
i'm changing out the shocks and struts on the 01 taco, just KYB OE replacements from Car Quest. i read in another article that i need a tool to compress the strut before i put it in. is this true? can i not just do it by hand, or will i impale myself with the strut? never done this before, looking for tips/advice.

You need spring compressors to swap the coil to the new strut. You can rent or buy a set of compressors from AutoZone or a place like that. If you've never done it before it might just be easier to take the assembly and new struts to a place that has a wall mounted compressor (Big O Tires, dealership, etc) and have them swap the coils for you for a small fee.
thanks man. i had no idea as i've never done this before. watched some youtube videos of those things exploding out of there with people who didn't know what they were doing. damn. glad i checked first.
2x what Bighead says - pay the fee - cheaper than any hospital visit!
I did mine on a 4runner, You can use the loan a tool program at Autozone or any of the big parts places. The cost was 0 to use the tool. Just be carefull... Or pay the fee.

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