QC Motorsports and our fusible link delete kits

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Feb 23, 2022
After the mention in the 80 series tech section, i had to make an account for the company to let you guys know what we do and sell.

Quality Control Motorsports is an automotive specialty shop in Seattle, WA. I offer anything from engine overhauls, transmission rebuilds, gear installs, lathe work, basic 3d printing, standalone EFI setup/wiring, lab scope diagnostics and even general maintenance. If you use instagram, follow us @QC_motorsports to see some of the shop projects.

After 12 years in the industry i had so many requests for restoration, wiring, and custom work that it only seemed like the logical thing to do was start a business for it. Since there are a few unique things that come thru my doors, it provides opportunities for developing products to meet enthusiast needs outside of the people who can visit the shop.

i have 3 offerings now with many more in the works at qcmotorsports.bigcartel.com

check out the recently debated product, the fusible link delete kit. i found it to be a great solution to the shortage of fusible links across the spread of old toyota models, and a great way to simultaneously declutter your positive battery terminal and modernize your wiring. MIDI fuses were chosen over Z-cube, AMG and other style of slow blow fuses because of their widespread availability. This is a great option for those who want to modernize, LS and diesel swaps, or those with 24v systems.

I have Kits are available in 3 and 7 circuit sizes, with a variety of options to suit the wide variety of landcruiser builds you see on the road today. Protect the circuits on your car with something commonly available for 3$ instead of recrimping a flaky fusible link.


custom length cables are always available at request for the 7 circuit kits, and they feature a braided wrap that meets both mil spec requirements for abrasion and flame retardant.

kits get Eaton-Bussman MIDI fuses rated for inrush currents just like the fusible links; 3 circuit kits get one of each and a set of spares. 7 circuit kits come with 2 sets of spares. optional MIDI fuse sizes are available: 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, and 150A.

Both come with American made Molex terminals so no trips to the parts store are needed and you get higher quality thicker ring terminals. 7 circuit kits come with terminals for the 4 pin connector, because splices suck.

I also have some high mount steering knuckle light brackets, laser cut from 4130 chromoly since they use the upper knuckle cap bolts. these have been tested on a vehicle for several thousand miles with several snow and rock wheeling trips. they were rammed into heavy wet snow drifts repeatedly for hours and did not deform once. the batch was not cut out how i wanted so they are being sold at cost and will not return when they are sold out.

if you have any questions about products or services, feel free to respond in this thread or DM. :banana:
Nice! I guess this would work for FJ62 as well?
yes. older toyota trucks/landcruisers typically are wired with 3 main circuits off the battery that need circuit protection just like an 80 series. both of the fusebox kits are great options for protecting those three circuits.

the 7 circuit kit is more for the person who has several accessories also on the battery terminals, or someone who has upgraded to a higher output alternator that may exceed the 100a main FL rating.

they can also be a great way to fuse a solar controller, 12v air compressors, lighting and more. you can even keep your smaller fusible links and save a midi fuse location for a compressor; they make for a great way to ditch those super ugly maxi fuse holders that come with ARB compressors.

any way you slice it, a bussed power distribution module is a great way to keep your battery terminal from looking like an octopus.
What are the footprint dimensions for each of these sizes?

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