Pulled the trigger on an Aussie Rear Locker today

Sep 13, 2006
Tierra y Libertad
Yes, I was planning on getting a value priced 10k winch, and going with the idea that if stuck it is best to have a winch than a stuck rear locked rig. (The Mule did not come with the magic dial.)

However, I thought about it some more and realized that with a good recovery kit (including chains etc.) I could use the hi-lift as a hand winch in an emergency. I did read that setting up the high lift as a hand winch is time consuming, and a bit of a hassle, but what are challenges for.

Also, having a rear locker and playing it relatively safe will increase my success of crossing through more technical terrain.

With that said, I am planning to take a trip to Mexico in the next couple of weeks and hope to explore (a first time for me) the Sierra Madre around Nayarit and Jalisco in search of Huichol art and culture, in addition to running one of the many off road trails around puerto vallarta. :steer:

The sierra Madre trip I may do alone, meaning not traveling with another vehicle, so I need to be prepared. I put the invite to Vallarta4x4.com, an off road club and forum that has a few local members, Including one member who has a 91 FJ80 with some mods. But again, if I get no takers I am going on this adventure alone and trusting my mule to get me there and back. :)

Now the winch may have to wait.
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