PTO disconnect?

Jun 12, 2011
Portland, OR
Sooo, the front HALF of my truck is rusted to crap. Just made a deal, with a body shop guy, to cut the front half off, and have the front half of a 72 pick-up put on. All in trade for me re-roofing his enormous roof. Part of the deal is that I will pull the hydraulic hard-lines (as well as much more in prep).
I have no experience working with hydraulics and could probably use some pointers here. Truck has a turbo 450 with a Chelsea PTO. It has hydraulic take-offs under the hood, on top of the drivers side fender, as well as a valve to divert the flow to the 16k lb. winch up front. Inside (where the stick shift would be) quite the assembly comes through the floor, to a tall control stick, for in and out controls for the winch. The hydraulic fluid for it all sits in the back in a 5 gallon jerry can-like container.
How do I go about draining the system and prepping it for removal? Anything special I should keep in mind while working with this system?

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