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Sep 4, 2017
Silk Hope, NC
I just wanted to briefly introduce my project. 94 80 series, factory locked. I've had the truck for 4 years or so, started out as a daily for my wife, and quickly turned into my wheeling rig ( kind of funny note, a couple days before we started the chop, this 80 appeared on the cover of Toyota trails second one in line on a trip we did a few years ago. I laughed about how straight it was) . Over the last couple years, I bashed the passenger side in pretty bad a few times, and at one point considered using the chassis for a 60 series project. I had a change of heart, and a need to wheel something at GSMTR this year, so decided on this ute chop conversion project. Right now its on 6" Slee springs, chromo axles, and 38.5 boggers, everything else is pretty stock. I do have a set of hellfire knuckles for it, but likely wont get to doing those for a little while.

For right now, I'm just going to post a link to the thread that I started in the ONSC clubhouse, which I'll update for just a little while longer. This project started out as a weekend HAMOM, and there's club members that I think want to see a somewhat finished project. Once it's rolling, which should be pretty soon, I'll post any updates here in this thread.


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