problems with radio, clock, and atenna bottons

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Sep 27, 2011
Gainesville, FL
Hello, as i mentioned in the previous post. I connected the the positive cale wih the negative end of the battery , and i fried the fusible link. I replaced it and now the truck starts with out any issues. Now the problem is with the radio after i replaced the fusible link radio, clock , and the atenna bottons wount work or light up
Have you checked your fuses, including under the hood?
Ouch, as above... check all of the fuses and go from there.

I've seen a couple of vehicles that this has happened to and it always involved replacing ECUs... quite expensive on a Porsche Cayenne !!

Can you get a scanner plugged in to clear the faults codes in the ECUs?

They'll be faults in all of them at present. Some will clear just by driving it a short distance, some may need more looking into if it's reset all of the coding.


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