Problem with power washer carb

John Smith

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Jun 7, 2004
So I went to start my power washer for the first time this season and it would not run. I pulled the carb and found the inlet plugged up with what looks like some type of corrosion or deposits from something. Is this caused by the 10% ethanol they insist on adding to the fuel or something else?

This pressure washer is only a few years old and I stored it with no fuel this past Winter. Previous years I would keep the tank full with some Stabil and no issues.
I took apart the carb and cleaned it all up. After work I am going to try to start it and will report back. If you look at the pictures you can see the deposits built up on the pot metal outer intake tube. The rest of the carb looks fine, no corrosion.

Update: After cleaning the carb it runs!
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Jul 3, 2012
I would say it is def an ethanol problem. I now add stabil to my 5 gallon tank that I use for my small engine stuff at the pump. That way if I tank something up and forget about it for 5 months it will always have stabil in it.

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