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Apr 21, 2002
On a hill overlooking a lake in Idaho
Just a suggestion but how about a retro section in TT, where an older article in TT is reprinted. I was looking at a jpg I have of a Jan-Feb 1996 article in Tool Help by John Normile for building a knuckle adjusting tool. Who be nice to see some of the older advise from cruiser owners.
I think that this is a great idea.
Well , since I'm a newbie :D to TLCA, since 98, (it took me 20 years to find tlca) there are a lot of things I missed from the previous years. I understand your point of wanting new material but that would be new material to a lot of people, so instead of a 36 page mag we have a 38. A database of the tlca would be great. Maybe we could increase the dues $5.00 for one year to get it started. ::)
Seeing as I have that issue of Trails and all others to the present, I would not want to see it reprinted. Maybe a database on the internet or TLCA website, but not in the Trails. I like seeing new articles in it.

Trails is the only magazine that I browse through the back issues. I have 5 years or so of 4WD&SU, Petersons, and Four Wheeler back issues, but have not looked at them in years.


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