Pre-breakfast recovery

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Aug 26, 2005
Prescott Valley, AZ
Last Saturday AM, I got Jill, Lessa and myself in the LC and headed to Cracker Barrel to get some breakfast. I was really hungry.
About 1/2 the way there we came across a full-size Dodge long-bed truck stuck in a ditch. The whole right side was down 3 feet with the rear axle high-centered and the right tire in the air. I stopped.
I looked it over. In the process of a three-point turn, he had gotten one rear wheel close to the edge of the drainage ditch. A large rock in the side of the ditch rolled loose and carried the rear of the truck with it to the bottom of the ditch. While trying to get the truck out under it's own power, it just got in deeper.
I blocked the road, and hooked up the winch. I ended up pulling him up 12 feet until he could get traction. Then he drove out.
This is only the second time that I have used the winch to recover a real truck from a stuck situation.
By the time we were done, we had an audience. There was an easy way to go around on another street. But folks prefered to watch us extract the truck from the ditch. So they stayed to watch.
By the time we got to Cracker Barrel, I was pretty hungry! I cleaned up my plate! I had worked up an appetite! I had also made a friend.
I don't have a winch on my 80, but my last rig did. I seem to remember using it more to free others than myself! You definitely got some karma points for your good Samaritan act. BTW, I always keep a camera in the glove box, just for these occaisions. Blackmail is wonderful!
Need a picture! Here's mine. This dude was just a dumb driver. :D

Is that before or after, he doesn't even look stuck?
After...he tried to make the turn W/O backing up (DUMB) and went really wide which stuck him in the snow drift...the trail opened that morning.
Looks like 10,000' feet~, and not Arizona..Wild guess, Colorado?
I bet everone was moving in slo-mo, hard to get air at that altitude. I remember having a snowball fight with my son at Beartooth Pass, damn near killed us.:lol:

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