Prado 90 top rear light cluster wiring modification.

Apr 13, 2007
Hey all.

Something of interest to all Prado 9* owners that get frustrated with having beautiful light clusters at the back - but no lights:

A couple of weeks ago I had 2 incidents in one day with people almost driving into me from behind as well as one bump on the bumper due to a lady "not seeing me!"

The following was done:

Order 2 units of part number 8155560490 from your Toyota dealer. Also add in 4 single filament lights and 2 double filament lights to ensure that you have new bulbs to fit. This includes the plug that plugs into the rear wiring harness at each light cluster, the wiring and bulb fittings for indicator lights, reverse lights as well as brake and rear driving lights. This is about as simple as it is, untill you take the rear light cluster off.

Once the rear light cluster has been removed, you will notice that the holes where the fittings for the lights fits, is non-existent. Do not get scared

When looking closely, you will notice the lines where the holes for the respective fittings needs to be cut. To make sure that the lines correspond with the fittings as supplied, check the pattern of the fitting against the pattern of the hole to be cut. (The brake lights for instance has a different pattern than the reverse light etc.) This holes can be cut by first using a circular saw (inner diameter) and the a carpet cutter for the keys of the fitting. (I just went to work with my leatherman from the start, but not as neat.)

Now fit the bulbs into their fittings and the twist the fittings into the holes you made!

You have light!

However, you will now find that your fog light is not working! (Remember that you now replaced it with a break-driving light combo).

Now hear comes the difficult part of being a diy man. Tracing wires. Find the wires that run to the break lights in the bumper. A brick on the break peddle as well as a cheapo mutlimeter from Midas will do. Once you traced the break light's wiring colour code, remove the side pannels inside the luggage bay as far as possible untill you can see the rear wiring looms. Now find the wire running to the original fog light position. This will be the only wire on the loom's plug for the rear light cluster that will not have al connection going into it on your new cluster setup. Cut it! Remember to keep it as long as possible in order to reach the bumper brake light wire. No cut the bumper brake light wire that you identified fairly close to the loom, and connect the fog light wire (coming from the loom) to the brake light wire (going to the bumper lights). Repeat this for the other side of the vehicle. Now you will find that you "old" brake lights will light up when you switch on the fog lights. I checked out most other vehicles on the road and found the fog lights to be located in the bumper. This also seems to be the standard on most Japanes spec Prados as well as the ones in America.

I will post photos after the weekend.

Good luck

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