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Aug 13, 2007
That is an awesome truck. I had a 1956 PW with a stock bed years ago. Still kick myself for selling it. It was one of the coolest vehicles I have ever owned. That truck should sell quickly at that price if it does not have too much rust. Finding a good bed is the challenge on those things nowdays.
I saw one go for close to 50K on evilbay not long ago, but it was way over restored.

They made them like that up until 1968 !!!!!!!!!!
But they were not for sale in the US......most went to the Saudi oilfields back then........at least that is what I read some time ago.

Dec 15, 2007
North Bend, OR
I have a 68 W100 SB. I love the thing. 3/4 ton truck Dana 60 8 lug rear and Dana 44 front. Slant 6 is a great simple reliable engine and with low range the thing does a decent job crawling around. I'm a ford guy but Dodge made one heck of a truck those years. If only they would have done a little more to combat the future rust issues that you get with a NC truck.

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