Power steering pump now manual steering

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Dec 23, 2014
New member here, replaced the power steering pump because it was leaking (220k)
Filled w ATF started up fine , Topped off reservoir , engine on steering to left and right a few times all good.
Short test drive fine. Did not follow engine off bleed left/right w front wheels up. Now after 2 miles it's all manual. Pulled new pump seems fine, smooth spits atf manually, tried again now w engine off bleed wheels up side to side 5x. So is something blocked? Did I mess up new pump by not following engine off bleed procedure. Maybe some dirt got in itake hose on installation blocked check valve on high pressure side? Power piston in gear? thanks for any advice. My try old pump next. At least now I know how to change it
A 1997 would be a 80 series. If that is true, you may want to post up in that section. Good luck.

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