Wanted Power Steering Pressure Hose

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Mar 13, 2019
Am hoping someone has a Power Steering hose for sale or can guide me to a place where i can get one..
I was doing my oil change and just noticed my power steering hose was leaking, after further inspection noticed that the hose is an ordinary water hose, after owning my BJ73 for more than 3 years i never payed attention to such hose. I want to install the correct one but am having a hard time finding, i would greatly appreciate if some one can help me out, thank you so much!
I assume you're talking about the power steering return hose? and not the pressure hose? I say that because the pressure hose is running at up to 1800 PSI and no water hose can withstand that pressure for even a second, unless of course it's just using a water hose as a shield on the outside of the actual pressure hose. You can get 3/8 trans cooler hose for return hose if that's what you need

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power steering hose.jpg

that hose to be more clear, am sorry for any confusion!
That's the feed line to the pump, and this is the hose you want right here if that's leaking:

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Mainly they harden over time and start leaking, so this should do the trick. The smaller one (return hose) is 3/8 for reference, the one you're pointing to is 5/8

thank you! i cannot see the link or picture you posted, can you please re-post it thank you so much for your time!

Nevermind! it was my browser! thank you!

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