Poulan chainsaw

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Apr 22, 2010
Does anyone own a Poulan chainsaw? I have model #3314 sold by Sears. It is about 2-years-old with a couple of hours of use on it. I can't use it because the fuel cap sticks on the tank. I talked to Poulan customer service and was told this was because of unleaded fuel. I have replaced the cap three times. Any suggestions on the curing this problem? By the way, Sears stills sells this saw.
What do you mean the cap stick in the tank?

It is hard to remove? or it literally sticks to the tank?

The saw is the same as a Husqvarna so if they had a problem, it would be wide spread.

Unleaded fuel has nothing to do it.
I'll say it, since DaBeagle man is a pro:

Poulan = poop. A quick search on your part will give you more than a Wiki's worth of info.

Return it to Sears and buy a real saw. Husky if that's all you can afford, Stihl if you want to be using it in several years.

Said as a pro-sumer who usta work wildfires w/Huskies, runs Stihls at work every day, still old-school at home w/a McCulloch (but wanting a 360).
I bought a Poulan back in 1984 and used the hell out out of that thing for at least 20 years before it started acting up. I'm not sure what model, but it had a 20'' bar. Then I bought a $99.00 16'' Poulan about 5 years ago, and I think I got about $30.00 worth of use out of it before it gave me trouble. And yes the gas cap was a ***** on the newer one.
If this is the model you have, it should have a thread-in style cap as apposed to a thread-on style cap.

Amazon.com: Poulan P3314 14-Inch 33cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw: Patio, Lawn & Garden

A few things come to mind.

First is the obvious, the threads do not match. The tank and the cap were more than likely made by different manufacturers. The thread will not match if the cap is snug to screw on the full length of the thread.

The second thing that comes to mind is the O ring on the cap has swollen due to additives in the fuel. When it swells, it acts like a lock washer. A good petrolium opproved O ring the correct size may take care of it.

Disclaimer: Fuel leaking on you or the saw is a major safety concern since the saw or you may catch fire. If you have ever cut dirty wood in a low light situation, you will see sparks come from the wood. These sparks can ignite the spilled fuel. For this reason, I only recommend using OEM parts to repair your saw.
Come to think about it, my newer saw is a 14''. It seems as though the threads on the cap do not match up well with the tank.
Wife's favorite is an old 2750, she's got the cold dead finger attachment for it..

Someday....(I keep telling myself)..
Got an old poulan from 98 or so, same thing, install it by hand, after its run need pliers to remove cap, it has always done this don't know why, just keep pliers on hand,

you get what you pay for in chain saws.
Yea I have a poulan as well and I have to use channel locks every time I need to fill it up. Definitely not a good fit. I am waiting for it to break. Luckily I got my sthil fixed so I shouldn't need to use it any more!

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