Possibly selling 1984 Troopy

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Jan 6, 2004
United States
Here is the deal... I have an opportunity to buy a Landcruiser that I have had my eye on but the only hitch is the "Cruiser fund" is low. If I can sell my Troopy for 14K I will. Here are the stats:

THIS IS A RARE 1984 HJ47 with a clear California Title and Registration.

White 1984 RHD Troopy 2H diesel,4spd, Disc front brakes ,A/C Needs new condensor, 16" Split rims(new factory grey powdercoating) with new 33.5 tall x 9.5 BFG Muds, FF rear end.

New parts installed: Brake Master, Clutch master & Slave, radiator, rebuilt injectors.

Parts I have: New windshield w/seal, new back window rubber. Spare hard top sides w/glass and fiberglass top. bucket seats. Complete front end rebuild kit from the wipers out.

Known issues: will need a clutch soon and the front end parts installed.

This is a solid truck with very minimal rust spots. E-Mail me for pics and more info@ Landcruiserjunkie@hotmail.com

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