PMC March meeting...

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Dec 23, 2002
Hey all...

Seems we have a meeting coming up this Thursday... Rohnert Park round table if I recall.

Thursday's Meeting,

YES. Alzhiemers has not set in yet.

Somebody have some Good Directions on how to get there, If YES put it here on so everyone does'nt get lost, Its off the Expressway on the Right next to Safeway Right?
ya... rohnert park expressway, then left if going S, Right if going N... about 1 block to that large safeway complex on the right, and then somewhere in there.

Cindy and I always drive at least 5 blocks too far. Cindy driving of course... :)

shhhh, don't tell Cindy I said that.
Thanks for the reminder. I hated missing the Jan meeting.
Can we get a summary of the meeting notes for those of us that are too far :steer: to come? Please :D

Any new dates for runs?
We're interested in the Lost Coast.
Ryan & I have been up there before but that was 7 years ago.
I could not make the meeting.
Any info about it would be great as people are expecting a news letter. I got the fun day flier updated and was hoping to get some news from the meeting for the letter but my e-mail box has become overloaded with all the stuff everyone has sent in. NOT.
good reminder John Boy... thanks!

Give us through the weekend please.
Tony said, and I quote, "Give us through the weekend please."

And here it is Friday Morning and already startin with the wise cracks. Buddy you will now get my data at 11:59 pm on Sunday night, in other words, "AT THE LAST MINUTE".

Tony asked, and I quote" give us through the weekend".
I simply did not.

Last minute huh Micheal. Any more pics of the build or is your junk runnin ? I think you got better things to do than type.

The above comments and opinions are those of the management and in no way reflect the greater mood of PMC or cruiserheads at large. Please disregard.
Sorry about last night I just could not make it into the office before midnight, anyway I will send you my report later today!

Since you choose not to give us through the weekend, I simply choose not to accept your refusal.
Late. that is my name, Late.
A big thank you to those who sent in stuff. Thank you.

This thing is working. Our secretary is on it with the minutes, our banker has a report in, our VP has his shpeel in, and our TLCA man has his story told. Makes my job much easier.

Where is my confirmation ?????

Big PAT on the back for you!

And John just for you I pulled another (NON INFORMING) picture of my new build
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confirmed, you're a melonhead.

Oh, I'm sorry, that is Mr. Melonhead to the rest of us.


Thanks John, appreciate your efforts, confirmations to go out soon.

Nice to know that at least you and Dreamin are driving cruisers this year... will be easy to spot amongst the FJs and Wagons.
I'm afraid it'll be easy, we will be either in front or in back.
If there are wagons around, I am opting (DEMANDING) the FRONT!!!!!
And if they won't let me have I am wheeling OVER the TOP. (wink wink nudge nudge)
Some of us have gone to the dark side but were man enough to pull out of driving mini-trucks, buggys, FJ's, wagons and drive the only real rig.
Remember our club name, Pacific Mountain "Cruisers" Yes Cruiser that's the real rig. Where did they all go? stuffed in barns in Geyserville? It's good to see some die hards out there.
The FJ 40's lead the pack!! Leave the mini's at home for the kids to play with.
The True Word "Cruiser "

I'll Second that, great job Tan 69, missed you at the last Meeting, leaving tommorrow for Spokane Wa, and parts of Idaho,myself and my wife, See you at Mud n yer Eye at the end of this Month,

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