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Nov 4, 2002
Lakeport Ca
Hi to all you PMC Cruiser Heads, The next 4x4 Run will be in Feburary, 18, thisis a Saturday, the first day of a three day weekend, The run is up to Lake Pillsbury, A mud Run, or snow if the weater Permits. We'll meet in Ukiah at Denny's at 7 for breakfast, or 9 Am at the airfield at the lake, The logging road is closed. take the county road in. any Questions? contact The Prez Tim Weher or myself here on this web, Ill try every other day to reply.
thanks Big Jim...
The next PMC meeting is March 16th at 7pm
Round Table Pizza
6314 Commerce Blvd.
Rohnert Park
Tony can you get this into the Newsletter?
Thanks Tim
You bet Tim...

but it would help everyone (especially me) to provide the driving directions here.

Thanks all!
Yes, July 8th... that should be a saturday.

McGrew July 29th, 30th.

Rubithon June 21 to 25

October formal meeting Oct 19th.

Fun Day May 20th I believe... ya, that is a good day. Bring me a present.

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