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Nov 23, 2005
Where's the PMC banner?? I haven't seen it at any of our events. I hope it turns up for the swap meet.
WE need to fly our colors and be proud to be PMC members.
Last time I saw Cris had it at last years Swap Meet, havent seen it since
I thought Dion had it up at SNT. thought Roger was keeping tabs on it the morning we packed up.
I gave it to Roger when we left SNT
Ya, I was surprised not to see it at Fun Day...
come to think of it, At fun day, Mr. President mentioned something about getting the bone cause he had left the banner at home. might check with him
He left the bone at home, not thebanner.
that's right ,guess I should pay attention John now that we know where the BONE is, where IS the BANNER? :D
Don't listen to Don, he's retired, therefore, he does not have to pay attention to the little details anymore.:D And any further input from him is all null and void.
Thank you for your support Michael.:D It is a different way of life. You get to pick and choose the little details...or just not pay attention to some. I better Michael's right... but where is the banner?

See ya'll Saturday
This is the last place the banner was seen. Who has it from the Christmas party.
Maybe we need to do a surprise wall inspection of Yodaman's shop?


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