Please identify this electrical part

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Sep 30, 2006
45LV, New battery...When I turn the key - nothing happens - not even a click - so I go looking for a solenoid - not sure what I found...see first picture - is that a solenoid or voltage regulator? - it seems to have a contact point and wrappings like a transformer.

The starter cable in the 2nd photo goes straight to the starter (probably a chevy arrangement) Is this the type of starter that has a solenoid integrated?
Yep that's a horn relay right where it's supposed to be.

The cables are connected to the starter solenoid on top of the starter. Can't tell for sure that everything is hooked up right from that angle.

Don't see a ground strap from the block: that might be an issue.
The fix

So I used a screwdriver and jumpered the starter a few times - it turns the engine...

Then I tried the key, and it worked - not sure why that did it, but as soon as we get some fuel delivered to the carburetor, I think we'll be in business!

Thanks for your thoughts.

oh - yes, that is the horn relay - after a little cleaning, the horn works (manually at the relay - there is no horn button in the cab)
Hi westernmaryland, had the same issue with my 45lv in Moab a number of years ago. Swore it was the starter, connections, etc. Turned out to b e a weak ignition switch :doh: . Just enough juice to the starter and solenoid to make it click and want to crank, but not enough current to make it properly engage do so. Bypassed it and it has started fine ever since. Hope this helps, good luck.:cheers:
Do you mean the switch in the cab, where the key is, or is there a module somewhere else?

I am asking b/c i have no spark, and I'm not sure the steps to troubleshoot this. Just about everything else is working, but I'm not sure anything is coming from the coil.

The engine cranks just fine now from the key, but the whole ignition assembly just feels weak.
Don't mean to hijack, but since the topic has changed to ignition....

For ever my 45 has had a starting issue. Sometimes it would start on the first turn of the key and sometimes it would just click with each turn of the key. Eventually after a dozen or so tries the starter would engage and the engine would start.

Just last week end I went to move the truck and nothing. Not even a click from the starter. I had thought it was the starter at one time and eventually needed to replace it and thought that would solve the problem. But it didn't.

Interesting thought on the ignition switch. I shall look at the circuit this weekend.
Ignitions switches definitely wear out.

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