Pistion Identification

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Oct 30, 2006
Heber City, UT
When I pulled the pistons from my spare 2F, I was a bit surprised and puzzled at what I found.

On the tops, they all had 0.50 stamped in small letters. In larger letters, three were marked 52, two were marked 42, and one was marked 55.

On the sides, they all had the TEQ symbol on one side. On the other side, there were the letters A R T, along with the larger number that was on the top. Each number was preceded by the letter P.

My assumption is that these are OEM 50 over pistons, which would mean the block is bored pretty far already. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.
If the marking is an indication of an oversize piston, it means .5 millimeters over. .020 of an inch. Not .050 of an inch.

I should have thought of that, thanks!
when I pulled the head on my 2F, I polished the pistons, because I had nothing better to do while the head was in the shop. I found they were flat top, had rings where they were machined, and .75 stamped into the center of each piston.
so, the .75 stamp means they're bigger and the block has been bored?

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