Pig parts in western CO

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Apr 30, 2008
Grand Junction CO
Misc. pig body parts.

Driver, passenger and driver rear doors from early pig (w/vents). Includes glass, hinges and internal/external handles and mechanics. No rust. Customary slight crease in driver door. $50 ea. OBO plus shipping.

Full set late pig doors (no vents) including internal and external mechanics, hinges and all glass except broken rollup glass in one rear door. No rust except around driver lower hinge (repairable by cutting good lower hinge mount from rusty driver door below), driver door crease and misc. light bodywork needed. $50 ea plus shipping OBO.

Interior door panels. Two ea. r front and two ea l front plus one r rear. Poor to fair condition...might piece together one set of fronts and the rear. PM if interested.

Early (68-early 69) tailgate shell, straight, One small rust spot (2" sq. approx) in the side, not visible from inside or outside surfaces. This is the one with the single lower license plate light. Handle but no light. Internal mechanism but no motor or glass. $100 plus shipping.

Rare early grill (68-early 69) very straight with marker lights and lenses. (Interested Mudders declined. Now on Ebay)

Rare early (68-early 69) front turn signals with lenses. One needs a couple of small holes filled. (Interested Mudders declined. Now on Ebay)

Late drivers door (w/o vent) w/rust. Good for parts. Let me know what you need. I will include this parts door with purchase of the full set of late model doors listed earlier.

PM with e-mail address for pics...that'll be quicker since I haven't tried to figure out how to post 'em here.

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Will email pics Saturday of door panels and signals. No cargo panels available. Thanks for your interest.
All that is for sale is what is listed.
Got the pic's on the turn signals but no door panel pictures. I really like to see those.

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