Pig Parts in Central Cal FOR SALE

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Aug 26, 2009
down in a hole.
United States
although the list may start to indicate a part out, it is not. I will list all of the for sale items here, so if you don't see what you need, I haven't got one for sale yet. Buyer pays for shipping, which will be USPS for the most part, from 93614. All parts are from a december 73 FJ55 unless noted...

1.rear door latch set-body/door side latches, links, inner/outer handles, drivers side only $10

2.rear door window regulators, pair $20

3.rear door sliding glass, each side $5

4.rear door fixed glass, each side $5

5.rear seat bottoms, 2, small tears in each, good bases, mounting hardware, each $20

6.rear seat bottom locking latch, lever, and cable(damaged end) $5

7.rear seat backs, 2, small tears in each, good backs, each $20

8.rear seat back latches and mounting towers, one matching pair $10

9.door pulls, 5, each $5

10.grab bars, 3, each $5

11.rear seat lap belt complete set PENDING

12.roof bows, middle and rear, each $10

13.headliner bows, plastic sockets, and door clips(less about 9 or 10 clips...)set $10

14.rain gutter chrome from 77 55 series(rounded front door upper corners...)complete set PENDING

15.tailgate license plate lamp holders and mounting pads-NO TRIMS, pair $10

16.tailgate window regulator mechanism less motor and gearbox $10

17.tailgate mounting and latching hardware-BROKEN handle, all hardware less regulator and window switch attached to/in tailgate $10

18.tailgate window switch no key $5

19. back half of rear doors, most of rear tub and 2/3 of back of roof available for patch panels. let me know where to cut. all cut patch panels except for roof, each $10. roof panel $25

more to follow. pics on request. cheers

20.2 middle passenger floor mats, small tears otherwise pretty clean, each $10

Paypal addy is rensim@netptc.net
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rubber is pretty well trashed, brett...will take pics of patch sections for you later this morning, Moto.
I'm down for the rear lap belts. PM on it's way.

Sorry, no.
PM sent.....looking for a couple patches! Thank you.

prolly some of the worst areas:doh:. I'll cut em out if you can use em.....
spring 2011 145.jpg
spring 2011 143.jpg
spring 2011 144.jpg
Rain Gutter Trim

I'm in for the rain gutter trim.

no weight but I'm bettin the DIM on shipping will be heavy!

Thanks Much!
I'm in for the rain gutter trim.

no weight but I'm bettin the DIM on shipping will be heavy!

Thanks Much!

I will research the shipping today. What is your zip? And you do realize the gutter trim is for the 77 up models, right?

Added paypal addy to first post...rensim@netptc.net
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For bob..
Roundy corners or hard corners...I only have the roundy corners. I'm sure the rest of the side and rear trims pieces are the same early to late, the diff being the front door upper leading corner....
spring 2011 146.jpg
spring 2011 147.jpg
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PM sent

I sent a pm response......I need to see the area under the drivers side rear reflector, same general area as the passenger side u posted, just need to see the same area, but drivers side then we can go from there! Thanx. -Lee
If you have the reflector housings on the rear I am interested.... Post 8 picture 1

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