Picture Request - Rear suspension/axle photos


Aug 5, 2022
Winston Salem, NC
As I learn more about MY FJ, Im trying to figure out what's right and what's wrong, what needs to be fixed/replaced.
Could someone, please, post up some photos of the underside of their 62 from the rear?
Im looking for some good quality photos of where/how the rear shocks mount etc
Mine are connected to a tube that runs perpendicular to the frame rails and just doesnt look right to me, and then there are some odd pieces of metal just sort of...there.
And I know Im missing one rear sway bar mount.


May 28, 2017
in the woods
no i don't have any pics but can tell you that shock crossmember is not stock. the original piece turns up n across just inside the frame rails. the jog up is aprox the diameter of the tube. the shock mounting bugs me, it's like they're just sitting there. i just completed that crossmember repair on my 60. i believe it's the same 60 vs 62. have to try n post up pics of it
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Sep 29, 2004
Houston, the lower bowel of TX
The shock crossmembers are slightly different on 60 vs 62. The 62 xmember on the passenger side has a section that curves toward the front of the vehicle. The rear shocks don’t mount in the same plane, the pass. side shock sits more forward than the drivers side…that’s why the 62 has an elongated lower spring/shock mount plate on the pass.side to match this offset.
Looks like Toyota curved it to accommodate the way the fuel lines exit/enter the gas tank on the 62.

@HMP the replacement job on your crossmember doesn’t look too bad, but the metal straps (or old shackle plates…LOL) used as washers…I guess ?, is some hi-level ghetto fab!

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