Pics of RTT Mounting System??

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Feb 27, 2007
State of Flux...
Can anyone furnish pics of their RTT mounted to their trailer. I'm buying an ordinary 5' x 12' utility trailer and building a raised platform at the front of trailer to put RTT on. I'm being told that a crossbar system would be better than merely anchoring the tent to the floor / deck. Can anyone explain what I need to do to this trailer to prep it for mounting the RTT? Maybe furnish a list of minimum reqmnts and items to purchase and/or fabricate? Pics? Thanks

FYI- it will be a new Mombasa Expedition tent...
Come on fellas, 36 views and no posts. People gots to starts playin' :D


It's alright...I was told by Chris at Car Top Camper that alot of folks just use (2) 1" x 1.5" square tubes...easy enough.
Here is a pic of mine. The tent is a Technitop.

1003[1] (2).jpg
Here is a pic of mine. The tent is a Technitop.


That is a nice trailer!
I just finished up my rack today , I decide not to use a RTT because of the high winds and I dont fit well,I'm 6'3"

Heres a couple pics of my trailer today after welding the rack up, making sure it all fits nice.


I hope you're kidding, but here goes...

Roof Top Tent

Nope, wasn't kidding. Never associated RTT with Roof Top Tent. I thought you were talking about some sort of cargo retention system, but I guess that would be CRS, right?

BTW, I see you have a wood floor in a civie Bantam trailer. Is it resting on the original floor, or has it replaced the original floor?

Also curious, you have your camping gear set in, but no cushioning. I'm going to use some sort of cushioning, like foam, to keep from banging things up on washboard roads, etc.
The wood on mine was put in by the last owner, it is resting on the origanal floor.its made of plywood and hardwood on top of that.I dont like it much that way because no drain holes were put in and after rained the work swelled and cracked. I am going to take ou tthe floor and make a new one out of marine plywood then some outdoor carpet to keep everything from sliding around.
I never thought of cushioning, I have everythingpacked well in bags and pelican cases.
Ceck out my web page for more pics of the trailer.

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