Philly Cruiser Look over

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Sep 6, 2010
Hi...I recently, January, got a 100 series cruiser. I have taken it and my wife and one of her sorority sisters on several road trips and now she has her eyes on one in Philly. It's a 2002 LX 450 with like 80000 miles. I am trying to get someone to check it out that knows more about them then I do. I will check back here later or you can PM me. She almost bought it last week but she wants someone to check it out. We know the cd changer dosent work but they have offered to fix it
I cant get no takers...guess I'll go myself in the morning
If you're still needing someone to look at it, I'll be working in Allentown tomorrow, and will be passing through the Exton area on Friday morning. I don't know if the truck is on that side of town... Let me know if I can help.

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