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Mar 6, 2004
United States
Location near Augusta Maine. Price Free to first person able to pick it up or meet me fairly local.

Sad day. Time for my kids Peg Perego Gaucho Grande with custom paint job to go. I got it probably 9 years ago. I rebuilt it with new shifter and gas pedal, wiring and battery at that time. My kids outgrew it and I let another buddy of mine use it for his kids.

Then it sat in his barn. I tried charging the battery but it doesn't hold much of a charge. I could get the wheels to turn but I think it needs at least a new battery. It may need more than that. I could find all the parts online to totally rebuild it when I did it but honestly haven't looked. I haven't cleaned it up or anything at this point. I have been too busy to do much with it.

I don't know what year it is or much more beyond that. I originally got it at a second hand store. It is far from perfect. It got lots of love and use. The paint is scratched and it is missing some taillights etc. It has 2 batteries and chargers but I think the batteries are dead.

Free to the first person who can pick it up. I can probably transport it some distance but don't want to make a huge trip out of it. I don't want to ship it.

I am hoping someone can put it to good use. If not it will sadly go to the dump.

Feel free to PM me here.


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