Peeling Stripes.

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Mar 27, 2007
Mount Gambier, South Australia
Please help me.
i'm just about to start prepping a pair of back doors for my 60 and they have these stupid stripes on them. they seem to be stuck on pretty damn well and a pain in the ahse to get off.
does anyone have any special easy way to peel these off?
thanks in advance.:cheers:
I've got the same kind of issue, but mine's a stick on hood protector strip. I was going to try some of the spray on sticker remover they sell at NAPA. Anyone know if it works?
Neither. Find a auto paint supplier or good parts store (for example, here in the US, Carquest even has 'em) and get a pinstripe eraser. It fits your electric drill and is quite literally just like the eraser on your pencil. I have used one, and it works very slick. Just hold it at the proper angle, and don't burn the paint.

Edit: looks like the pic, but this one's for a die grinder. Mine can be used at much lower rpms in a drill motor. Same brand, if I recall.
pinstripe eraser pad.jpg
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3M makes a tool similar to the above, but it's nearly impossible to burn the paint with it. It's a multi layered vertical disc with some sort of synthetic material. Its available at auto body paint stores. The liquid stuff mainly works on the glue left behind after you have the stripes off. I took off the "stripe kit" from hell on an FJ60 with one of these, but it took lots of hours.
I have a 1991 4runner that had been in Cal its whole life and the stripes were baked on. I ended up using a heat gun to soften them up and using a plastic paint scraper to scrape them off.
After the actual sticker was off I used the 3M adhesive remover to take the (glue) off. It worked good, didn't harm any faded paint on the truck and it looks a hell of a lot better without the stripes. Just my method, would have liked to try one of those wheels. JT
Replaced my aging strip at a local body shop.......

I had a pinstripe on my '96 FZJ80 and it was cracked and dull.
I took it to my local body shop and they used a 3M eraiser and reinstalled a new strip for $125.
Turned out perfect, no marks or burns at all.
However, had I not replaced it there, would have been ghosting from where the old tape used to reside, so a new stripe was the

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