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Feb 2, 2020
Because I keep all the tools I need to work on the 4runner locked in the back, I usually stop and help people when I can. I wasn't always good at working on vehicles, and back then I sometimes found myself in a tight spot, so I know what it's like to be unprepared. Now that I've been wheeling the 4runners, I've had so many instances of people coming to my aid. You might have had similar experiences out on the trail or in the garage, so consider paying it forward if you're able to.

This guy wasn't even able to get off the road after his lugs sheared off completely. That's my worst fear happening on the 4runner. People were driving past on their way home and the driver told me I was the only one who stopped to help, other than a trucker parked nearby who brought over some square posts.

Anyway, I've been around long enough to see the kindness of strangers in the overlanding community. Helping people stuck on the road always lets me tell them about what we do out on the trail (like pulling a CV axle in the middle of nowhere) and they're always excited about the camper in the back. I know from experience this kind of stuff comes back around when I find myself SOL.

Cheers, and say hi to Gaius hanging out in his favorite spot in the back. You might see him out on the trail this year.





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