path finder gears

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Nov 16, 2007
edmonton alberta
anyone have an idea what a early 90's pathfinder would have for crown and pinion gearing? it's a disc break rear end. sorry i don't have more details.
Try the Nissan section on There is a post in that section or in one of the Nissan bibles which gives all the difs Nissan produced. If you don't find it, then post a question in the Nissan forum (make sure you told them you searched first). The guys there are pretty good but there are a few dorks who are just hanging around to flame people. I can tell you that the centre of a Pathfinder rear dif is the same as the front dif on a Nissan Safari. Sorry I can't help you more.
thanks, i'll try them. found a pathfinder with what looks like a full floater with disc's wondering if i can make it work in my 40.

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