Passenger A-pillar Plug?

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Dec 23, 2004
Beaverton, Oregon
Stumped. Been searching and looking in the wiring diagram book, but can't figure out what the heck this is. I pulled the a-pillar cover off the passenger side to run a wire for my recent HAM radio install and found this hanging there. Anybody know what this is?
Thought it was some aftermarket something or other, but looking at the install, it seems pretty legit—factory-like plastic frames to attach to the pillar, intricate tape and shrink tube... way too clean to be some hacker aftermarket shop. Seems like a data port of some sort.
I had my a pillar trim off of my 2002 about a month ago and definitely did not have that connector. My guess since you have a newer cruiser would be something to do with overhead DVD player?
Which I don't have. Thought that might be a possibility. Looks like that sort of plug. The NAV screen option for rear video is greyed out, so maybe it is pre-wired at the factory for a port-installed option to put in the overhead player. Interesting possibility.

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