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Feb 10, 2015
Long time lurker, but never had an issue I couldn't find an answer to yet. I recently purchased a 2002 100 series with AHC and independent front suspension.

It happens to be in need of a suspension refresh - bushings/tierods/b.joints feel loose and look rough - as the truck has had a long 10 years bumping around on rough roads here in Africa.

Parts are quite expensive where I live, but I will be on business in Germany soon and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good retailer to order Toyota parts from for timely/simple delivery to an address in Germany.

Thanks and
The Deutsche equivalent website to IH8MUD is I would email their site proprietor and ask. You will just need to find a land cruiser friendly shop and then you should be fine. I will see what I can find when I have more time...
great thanks so much for the reply, Alexander got back to me really quick and hooked me up with the folks below.
They are said to be really good, but I will post a follow up to let everyone know how it goes.
Jay, not hijacked at all amigo. I thought starting a dedicated thread was a bit much for it, but I figured someone might like it..

The book is legit, Alexander writes a good story and it's really cool to have the book on a coffee table, it's quite the conversation piece!
In the end I went with
They had a good reputation, and my experience has confirmed that they are as good as any parts supplier could be. Tons of well organized OEM parts, good prices and their service was exceptional. They ended up giving me free one day shipping because I didn't fill out the billing form correctly, thus fixing my bad with their good.

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