parting out 89 fj62 TORONTO GTA

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Oct 24, 2007
geographical area known as canada, near ontario
United States
the truck is in mississauga and ill be starting monday (april 21st). there is rust all over panels, maybe cuts could be taken. engine was running but tranny rund dry. tcase is mine(if good). ~300k kms

hood sold
all glass (except windshield)
grille, headlight doors, light covers...
bumpers- front has a ding...rear is good sold
stock roof rack.
interior is in good shape (except driver seat <-sold-) dash//rear heater are gone
engines parts with no guarantee... 3fe still runs...
anything really...

--NO axles, tcase or ds--

everything for cheap, just want to cover cost/help gta cruiser owners...
im pretty sure this truck will be going to the s**** ward real soon 2-3weeks...

if you want something not mentioned, whole truck is sitting, plz call and ill see if i can help you out.
cawthra/dundas in mississauga
Simon 647...271...4716

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If you will ship smaller items I would like the gas pedal, cable, and hand throttle all together. I also need a nice drivers side headlight surround and plastic section of the dash where the ash tray goes (gray interior). Thanks
If the driver's door lock cylinder is available, I would be interested in that and a key to go with it.
it is a brown interior

i might consider shipping small items, i just have no exp doing so
Do you have the power mirrors and headlight bezels? Is the chrome good on them? I would be interested.

no mirrors on the truck and some1 asked for the headlight doors already...
Hey Simon. I called you regarding the rear bumper and the parking brake boot. I hope you can hold on to these for me as I'll drop by either on the weekend or early next week. There's some other things that I maybe interested in: fusible links, some of the lines for the rear heater, and a few other things I'd have to see on.
yea ill hold bumper/ boot for you, amd and the other part we'll talk when you come over.
I'm interested in the brown dash grab bar if you've got it.
Rear seat belts

2nd row seat belts 3 point in gray?
bno 3pt seat belt. and i dont know if you guys realise how much shipping is to the states and if you have to pay customs on top itd be expense as still considering it, but itd be expensive, so many you state guys hsould look in the states for parts...

rredfj40: are you in canada??
Let me know what the dash grab bar + shipping would be to Klamath Falls, OR 97601? Thanks
yeah. still got the truck, so a few more weeks(??) lots of stuff gone... axles are available for right offer. tranny and tcase pending sale....

im sorry; ------- PICK UP ONLY!!!!---------
Do you still have the driver door panel (brown), and the rear cargo pasenger panel. Thanks
I'm interested in all the small sensors, VSV's, and connectors in the engine compartment as a last ditch effort before you scrap the thing. Please let me know if this is the case before you send it to its death and I will cover your labor and shipping. pm me if this ends up being the case. I am a crazy person when it comes to hoarding possible spare parts.
I really need the circuit opening relay located behind the passengers side kickpanel. It's black and its P/N is 85910-14020

Please pm if you have it.
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