parting an 85 fj 60. Indiana

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Jan 13, 2007
In the garage.
United States
85 fj 60 in Indiana. Been parting it out, ready to move all stuff left. Has Pwr Antenna. 5 stock rims with decent 225s. Very nice tan/brown interior. Lots of misc parts. I'll get on later & post a list & some prices. If you need something just post up or PM me. Body is pretty rusty. So is frame. Thanks
Hey I need a good glove box door with no dents and with the shift instructions on it and a full tool bag and jack. Also I could use a set of the black rubber caps that sit at the bottom of the windshield wipers that seal against the body. Also do you have a good non cracked brown dash pad and good non rusted center caps for the wheels and front hubs? Thanks
Do you have pics of the 5 wheels? Would you sell just the wheels with out tires?
got some but not all you need...PM sent
I'll send a pic of the wheels. yes I'll sell wheels only. they are not great, but not terrible
Yes it is stock..have a potential buyer for it , but still need to test it to make sure it works. The hubs are gone already. Thanks.

is it a stock toyota power antenna if o price and ship to 17361 shrewsbury pa. and if you have the aisan hubs price and shipp


Sorry so late with the wheel pic. I will try to get that tomorrow. Thanks.
Here is a pic of one wheel for now (finally) they all look pretty much the same.
wow thats a crappy picture..I wish I knew how to make them smaller.
Bumping this up due to my crap lousy follow up last time.

Engine, tranny, t-case, d-shafts, 3rds & most of interior are gone. All lights, lenses & most dash switches are gone. Carpet is gone. Pwr antenna, rear hatch & tail gate are gone.

Not much left but if you need some small obscure piece please send me a PM. This was a complete all stock rig when I started parting it.

Thanks & let me know.
Correction from above post.
I do still have the 4spd tranny, 3F bellhousing & all the parts for a manual swap still available. PM me with needs. Thanks
Steering box now gone also. So is the power steering pump, alternator & brackets

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