Parting 76 FJ55

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
United States
Parting a 76 FJ55 with 27K original miles. This truck has what I consider to be terminal rust problems in some bad structural areas consequently I have changed my mind about using it as a daily driver. Here’s some stuff:

2F engine runs great, new OEM plugs, points, cap, and rotor. Includes alternator, starter, fuel pump, carb, air cleaner, and all belts. No smog pump but it does have the double pulley setup. New OEM manifold gaskets and genuine Toyota new studs where the exhaust pipe attaches. This engine starts perfectly with the choke and idles down perfectly, the carb works great. Will include the coil. Runs strong and sounds great. Price $600.

Complete 4 speed setup for a 55- H42 trans, transfer case, both shifters complete and intact, working parking brake, includes the correct parking brake and speedometer cables. Will throw in the bellhousing with bottom cover and flywheel/clutch assembly, too. This unit is tight, sounds great and shifts perfectly. $350

Axles front disc brake and rear drum, 4.10 ratio. Sound great, no noise or problems and brakes work great. $250 for the front axle which includes all the steering arms. $150 for the rear. $350 for the pair. Driveshafts front $45 rear $45 no dents. Smog pump (works great not noisy) and most associated smog components $50.

Interior parts as nice as you’ll find. Four door panels and both cargo panels $250. dash pad $125. Gauge cluster (all gauges and speedometer/odometer work) $100. Glovebox door (slight curling) $50. Front seat two tears otherwise very nice $50. Perfect rear seat $50. Rear view mirror $20, dome light $20. Very nice black seat and shoulder belt set- $75 for this really clean set.

What else………..5 stock steel wheels appear to still have the original silver paint, with four very nice hubcaps $200 the set. Jack set (cracked housing but this is common with both extensions (yellow) and handle. Also included is the handle to crank the engine and lower the spare tire carrier the set $85. Front wiring harness pretty much perfect $100. Outside rear view mirrors $75 the pair. Tail lights very nice either side complete $35. License plate lights very nice $35 the pair. Front turn signal assemblies $45 each. Radiator $85. Rear axle stabilizer complete with links and mounting brackets $50. Rear springs $100, front springs $50. Transmission hump with nice boots $40, nice front mat uncut $40. Cargo mat not perfect but not bad $40. Decent front bumper $35 dented rear bumper with both ends $45.

Lock set includes original Toyota keys. One key fits the doors the other key fits the ignition, includes two front door locks, tailgate switch for window, fuel filler door lock, and ignition tumbler. $100 the set Steering wheel very nice $75, steering column plastic surround $35. Combination switch $35. Very nice and clean rear heater $65. Owners manual in excellent shape $20, owners guide for 1976 $20. Windshield $75. Under hood heater box fan works great $45, inside the truck heater box looks nice works fine $45.

Tailgate- some rust but the rear window works perfectly, the window, tracks, motor and gearbox seem to be in excellent condition $150. The roof is about perfect- no rust, one small ding at the rear corner price $150. Headliner is perfect. gas tank- no gas smell in the trunk no leaks i can detect $75.

I’m keeping the four doors and the grille and hood are spoken for (Tom Humphries). Ask about anything else. Best to email me Will ship anything at buyer's expense except the roof. Thanks, Gary S
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Just as a 3rd party account .
I drove this truck and it had the tightest truck I have ever drove . no slop in the drivetrain strong engine shifted really nice no slop shifting and rode like a dream .
The interior was like new .The biggest bummer was the rust:frown:
Where to begin...I need one of these- like, bad...
clowns and cruisers 049.jpg
Pics of the interior please! I'm interested in the panels.
I can't believe I missed it!:doh: And I thought that there were really SEVEN iron pigs that went to part out yesterday!!!
yea sometimes those resurrected threads can be foolers :popcorn:

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