Parting Out Parting 1991 & 1995 fj80's

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Nov 18, 2017
United States
I am parting out two fj80's. They are in pretty rough shape but some parts still good. Located in Cleveland tn 37323. If you have any questions on prices or need more pics feel free to call or text 4235849820. Thanks Matt.

1995 fj80 only parts left.
door glass front/rear/sides
window motors minus driver side
door handles- chrome
key switch with key and matching door locks
rear lift gate latch assembly minus the upper plastic pull lever
brake booster/ master cylinder
random relays/fuses
steering box
tires/wheels tires have dry rot in tread
few other random parts

1991 fj80
steering box
random relays/fuses
No axles or suspension components
No seats or driver visor
No f/r bumper
No hood
Bad motor
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Do you have flares from the 95? Can’t tell from the pic.
Looking for the radiator fan shroud for the 91 (3FE), shipped to 95626.

If it's in good condition.
I will check but I think its cracked radiator looks good from what I can remember. If you need it?

I don't need the radiator, just the fan shroud.
Shifter console from the 95. And what color is it?
Looking for the drivers side door trim. Number 4 in this pic. Looking for it in TAN. Its the piece in the door opening. Should be black rubber outer and harder tan inside the door.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 9.57.45 PM.png

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