Part Numbers for 2011 200 Series 60th Anniversary Exterior and Interior Badging?

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Aug 16, 2021
I happened to stumble upon these 60th Anniversary badges intended for the 2011 Land Cruiser 200. It so happens that I have one of the last production 2011 200 Series and I need a bit of help tracking these down.

So far, I have located the part numbers for the D Pillar Badging (TOYOTA 75388-60010). However, I am still looking for the 60th Anniversary Interior Badging. At first glance it looks the same, however, it is scaled down to fit inside the faux wood trim.

Question is, would anyone here know the part number for the interior badge? I have also read that the badge cannot be purchased separately from the wood trim. If anything, I'd actually forego the exterior badging and install the interior badging alone.

Photos for reference below! Thanks all!


60th Anniversary Interior Badging for LHD


60th Anniversary Exterior Badging to be installed on D-Pillar (TOYOTA 75388-60010)
I feel like I may have seen a lot of those in Qatar. Maybe try Partssouq?
I feel like I may have seen a lot of those in Qatar. Maybe try Partssouq?

I've tried PartsOUQ and Amayama to no avail. I also don't have a VIN which I can use as a reference so maybe that's also a possible hurdle. And yes, you're right, there are a number of these in GCC Countries such as Qatar.

Here's another photo comparing the size of the Interior and Exterior Badging. Unfortunately, no part number as well.


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