part number lookup, please

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Aug 25, 2005
hey guys. i was wondering if one of you guys could look up a part number on a 98-02 landcruiser. the part i am looking for is the socket for the bulb that goes in the front corner lights (also used as the turn signal). i got some clear corners for my lx, but the w5w sockets are too small. i believe the bulb size for the LC is 1157? thanks in advance.
just call ur local dealer and ask for the part #. Or you could call CDan and he could look it up and mail you some. I used to have all the little red and white toyta P/N labels from my parts stuck to the door to my garage, but i moved so i lost them all.
there are some online catalogs that should show you that. has parts drawings for a lot of landcruiser stuff. Don't remember if their parts numbers are the Toy ones or not, though, but sure helps to identify parts.

anybody knows of a definitive online source with official Toy parts numbers?
thanks guys. i think ill just stop by the dealer sometime.

as for a definitive online source for number, i searched and couldnt find one. but i do have the full parts list for the 98-02 lx470. if anyone needs help, just PM me or something, ill look it up for ya.
I think you need Toyota Part # 90075-99106. Two of them.

See Aedgington's write-up.
that is exactly what i needed. thank you hoser.

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