Parabolics in Oz

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Sep 25, 2011
Harbour City, the New Southern Wales
Read all I can on parabolics on here plus on the web. I'm keen but the only company to do them is in Perth [about 4500km away] and seems hell bent on NOT selling me a set for a MWB.

I'm willing to take a risk on a largely untried product and provide short-, mid- and long-term feedback for other members.

Anyone know of anyone supplying/installing here in Oz?

Also, any pitfalls.


have a dent in one of mine and it looks saggy, arrived on boat that way. .. bushings are for newer 45 so take some adjusting to fit. can sag with major load. mine came from netherlands. not widly avail here in the us of a.. Time will tell after truck is moving faster than push speed.
I have a contact at Classic Pick Up supplies in Coolum Beach, Queensland. Dean Croyden:

Dean & Robyn are customers of my company & I handle their exports to Australia. Dean may be a good resource for you. Send them an email & let them know I sent you.
Thx very much Metal Spice. I'll give em a shout.

And thx for your feedback tornadoalley.


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