Painting this weekend...

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Sep 8, 2003
Bozeman, MT
Painting my expedition trailer this weekend, thought I might start a quick thread over here for it.

I am using Sherwin Williams Urathane paint. Self etching primer and single stage paint.

I am going to get a warm enough day tomorrow to get everything in primer! :D

Here is a link to my build-up here

So far, I only have a problem figuring out how to mount this thing to paint it. Should I set it up on some saw horses and paint everything but the underside and try to hit that later? Or should I primer everything and then shoot the outside and inside seperately?

Either way, I can't hang the whole thing from the roof so one side/panel wont get sprayed all at once, I need a little help here.


Rezarf <><
If you can use the force to levitate it while you paint, you'll be good to go. Otherwise, I'm thinkin' saw horses.
super impressed with the trailer! Well done.
Also I'm about to paint my 40 with Sherwin Williams paint. Post up what you think about it.
Anyway you can hang it from the ceiling with multiple cables? You could always use a piece of angle iron sitting on top of each saw horse. If you use some of the 3 inch stuff, it would leave just a small line unpainted. Move it around after each coat and then should be just a small area to touch up after the last coat. Take care, Brent
Well, time, weather and cruise Moab all got in the way of my trailer painting ;)

Here is where she sits today... in primer. I have to address a few area's with some sanding and a little more primer in a few area's but I am going to hopefully spray the color on this Friday if the weather is nice enough to get a proper flash.

Onto the pics...
Posted on my build up thread, but thought I would bump this thread for those who don't venture into the trailer section.

Enjoy the pics.

I used Sherwin Williams, Deminsion paint in a single stage urathane enamel. It came out okay, once all the solvent has cleared I will know better what I am dealing with, but I got a little orange peel but I can live with that! :D

Rezarf <><

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